Goshen, Indiana

Goshen Studio

We recently moved!  Due to our change in location, individual sessions are being offered at the Goshen Farmers Market on Saturday's between 8am - 1pm.  Since only one wheel will be setup because of current booth space, there will be a limited number of class sessions available. 

We are looking forward to setting up our studio space again so larger class sizes can continue.  Please check back for additional updates as Spring draws closer!


Art in a fun and exploring environment leads to creativity and risk taking.  Our studio space, conveniently located between Middlebury and Goshen, is just the place for such experiences.  Here, artists can increase their knowledge of art media, develop an understanding of various techniques, strengthen their artistic skills, and find inspiraiton for their functional and decorative pieces.   

This studio space is currently equiped with 5 pottery wheels and plenty of table space for drawing, painting, printmaking, and hand-building.

Here is more information about our Studio Policies.   

Intereseted in joining classes, workshops, camps or having an art party?   Check out our Classes & Camps page and our Group Art Parties page for more information.

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