Goshen, Indiana

New Way to Buy Punch Cards for Art Classes

One of the perks to using Acuity Scheduling for booking our art class appointments is the ability to list punch cards for sale and have their system keep up with how many we've used! Below is a list of punch cards available for art students taking classes. Be sure before you purchase a punch card that you've identified the card that corresponds with the art class you're signing up for!


Instructions & Important Reminder:

When you're ready to buy a punch card, just scroll down below to find the package that suits you best. Click the "Add to Cart" button and you will be directed through the checkout process through the end of your transaction. Afterward you'll receive a confirmation email with "Certificate Codes" on it. You will also see a direct link to the schedule of classes your punch cards can be used for.

Therefore: when you buy a punch card, you will have paid for a group of classes.

But that alone **Does Not** register you for any classes!

Once you have your punch card(s), you need to return to the Schedule page (follow this link or the one in your confirmation email) and find the class(es) you want to attend, sign up there, and then put in the certificate code from your punch card email so you'll receive credit for the class. And remember to use this code for each signup in the series of classes you've paid for!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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